Politics for the People

Politics for the People

Forza Nazzjonali is committed to better the lives of the Maltese people through policies developed and aimed at addressing key issues such as the gender pay gap and gender disparity, a healthy work-life balance, and decent work conditions which safeguard the dignity of Maltese workers.


Address risk of evicted tenants

Stop precarious work within GWU scheme

Perpetrators of violence to be made to seek help

Support for foster parents

More funding for better residential roads

New apartments for social housing

Subsidise digital hearing aids

Free medicines for pensioners

Abolish discrimination on social benefits for the unmarried

Support fostering NGOs

Extend first time buyers tax exemption

More agreement with NGOs to support people with disabilities

Increase special childrens' allowance

Ensure that people whose property was expropriated get paid

Specialised foster care for children in need

Increase of children allowance

Suspension of penalties for first time contraventions

Minimum Pension in line with Minimum Wage - €169.76 a week

Address injustices in the service pensions

Basic medical services in schools

Facilitate the setting up of Life Plans

Age pension to increase to €155.70

Assist with the alteration of residences of disabled persons

Better funded local councils

Reintroduce social rent subsidies

Increase the Minimum Rate of Children's Allowance

First time buyers schemes for the newly separated/divorced

Reverse and refund labour's tax on social housing

Review current disability pension system

Fund local councils for cultural and historical projects

Widows to inherit their husbands’ pension

Ring-fence Lands revenues to compensate old expropriations

Lease property from private owners for social housing

Response team for domestic violence

Paternal Maintenance

One stop shop for adoptions

Better support for home improvements for the elderly

Reversing the increase in social housing rents

Tax exemptions for landlords renting to those in need

Healthier lifestyle program

Greater incentives for private pensions

Allow people to top up their social security contribution

Free home care for the elderly

Free school transport to all primary and secondary students

Reduce stress for domestic violence victims in court

Review rent subsidy scheme

New family community centres

Embark on new social housing projects

Simpler laws on property auctions and ground rent redemption

No tax on property transferred from parents to children

Introduce the "Return to Work" Scheme

Local enforcement in government control

Increase assistance to NGOs working with the homeless

Allowance for the +75 to be increased to €500

Support for those who care for relatives in their home

Tax incentives for the elderly who move to residential homes

Increased maternity and parental leave

Automatic recognition of disabilities from birth

Summer school for children with special needs

Tougher penalties on domestic violence

Opportunity to pay outstanding N.I for full pension

Help elderly people who end up homeless

Increase rent subsidy

Stronger international framework for adoptions

Sick leave entitlement when your children are sick

Full COLA for those in need

Improved legal aid for victims of domestic violence

Financial support for NGOs helping the homeless

Exempt all pensions from income tax

More community residential homes for disabled citizens

Investments in Service Dogs

Higher national minimum pension for unmarried pensionners

Commitment to minimum wage

Capital of Culture program for towns and villages

Financial support on mortgage interest rates

Police and Armed Forces pension to be increased in line with

New e-democracy platform

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