Youth are the future and we need to ensure that Malta nurtures them and serves them to realise their full potential. Investing in our youth means investing in our collective future.


Metro system

Embark on Cycling Friendly educational initiatives

Increase investment in education

Assist youth launching a start-up

Sport as an economic pillar

Introduce Open Data Policies

Assist Caritas and Oasi

National Policy on emerging vices

New Policy on Alcohol and Gambling

Harsher penalties for drug trafficking

Address substance abuse at Kordin

Transform Ta' Qali in a Leisure and Sports Village

Help people who are following First Aid courses

Free transport with student card

Rugby Facilities

Modern futsal facilities

Transform single-sport clubs into multi-disciplinary clubs

New Sport Laws

Extend University Library opening hours

More study leave opportunities

Increase youth mobility in culture and creativity sectors

Increase scholarships at Masters and Doctoral level

Scholarships at Maltese private educational institutions

Bike to Work scheme

Vote at 16 years

Fight obesity and diabetes

Tax credits for employers assisting continued education

1 year tax exemption for youth businesses

Enhance cycling infrustructure

Consolidate Youth Local Council

Tax credit for continuing education

Regulate apprenticeships and job placements

Increase assistance to athletes and sport associations

Assist VOs involved in youth health

Develop online virtual health promotion

Work with National Council for Maltese Language

Assist Authors' Programmes

Reduce taxes and licenses on electrical vehicles

Prevention of Criminality among youth

Introduce Skills Cards

Introduce facility to apply for health appointments online

Assist hill-climbing enthusiasts

Widen appreciation of Maltese Language

Revise eligibility for cultural leave to public officers

Modern sport facilities in Marsascala

Grant to visit an EU destination

Carry out infrastructural works assisting certain sports

Place Malta on the international sport circuit

Maltese spellchecker

Help public employees to work in voluntary sector

Revise Firearms Directive regarding target shooting

Assist organisations with innovative sport projects

eDemocracy for Youth

Drone Racing

Establish Sport Villages

Provide incentives for hackathons and start-up pitches

Improve Marsa horse race track

Tax incentives for health and fitness schemes

Centre for the Study of Addictive Behavious

Mobile clinics

National Campaign of Sex Health

Assist participation in European associations and networks

Introduce Digital Rights in Malta

Incentives for established businesses to help start-ups

Assist National Youth Agency

Assist elite sports

New office for the National Council for the Maltese Language

Invest in connectivity

Revise DJ regulations

Promote music tourism

Establish Malta as an International centre for NGOs

Improve drug related court hearings

Assist innovative ideas promoting Malta's cultural identity

Invest in Sport Infrustructure

Underwater eco-museum

Discussion on Marijuana

Encourage artists to open their own business

Increase utilization of solar energy in sports projects

Help emerging artists

Promote the good use of Maltese in the public sector

Reduce Vat on eBooks to 5%

More resources to the police to fight the war on drugs

Guarantee online freedom of expression

Obtain rights of certain works for public educational use

Set up in patient wards for adolescents

Financial assistance during tuition and not after course

Improve the incentive for youth first time home buyers

Continue with process for introduction of race track

Establish new horizons for our economy

Carry out a study on youth skills gap

Achieve Net Neutrality

Promote sport with people with disabilities

Strengthen National Youth Council

Drug Prevention at Schools

Juvenile Justice

Introduce 1 year voluntary work scheme

Improve drug rehabilitation programme

Extend music instrument scheme

Provide entrepreneurial leadership training

Provide financial help for first degree studies

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