Youth are the future and we need to ensure that Malta nurtures them and serves them to realise their full potential. Investing in our youth means investing in our collective future.


Achieve Net Neutrality

Improve the incentive for youth first time home buyers

Tax credits for employers assisting continued education

Assist National Youth Agency

Help public employees to work in voluntary sector

Establish new horizons for our economy

Regulate apprenticeships and job placements

Vote at 16 years

Invest in connectivity

More study leave opportunities

Scholarships at Maltese private educational institutions

Revise eligibility for cultural leave to public officers

Assist participation in European associations and networks

Promote music tourism

Promote sport with people with disabilities

Transform Ta' Qali in a Leisure and Sports Village

Work with National Council for Maltese Language

Obtain rights of certain works for public educational use

Revise DJ regulations

Increase scholarships at Masters and Doctoral level

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