Free, universal healthcare is the cornerstone of our high standard of living and needs to be protected at all costs. Forza Nazzjonali is making a number of proposals aimed at developing the sector, ensuring that all citizens get the healthcare treatment they deserve.


Free chemotherapy to cancer patients

New Health Centres in North & Centre of Malta

Introduce Pre and Post Exposure Prophylaxis

Multi-disciplinary clinic for Fibromyalgia sufferers

Free medicine for couples undergoing IVF

Collaborative agreements with the private health sector

Increase the prioritisation of workers in Health sector

Reduce obesity numbers to European averages

Free medicine to sufferers of chronic illnesses

Effectively address autism

Agreements with voluntary societies active in mental health

Increase vouchers to celiac sufferers

Set up Gender Clinic

Tax breaks & refunds to persons with medical health policies

Free medicines to pensioners & disabled people

Enlarge & embellish Addolorata cemetery & others

Monitoring and screening programs for various major diseases

Making Malta centre of excellence in fight against diabetes

Give the Gozo General Hospital back to the Gozitans

Improve the Pain Management Clinic

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