Trinity Mural project - Milk Street Mural Gang Proposal

Trinity Mural project - Milk Street Mural Gang Proposal

We love trees. They represent our connection to the land we live on and the community we live amongst. Our idea is to have a wonderful tree spanning both buildings in a dramatic, eye catching and colourful way. We will use the branches of the tree to tell stories about the rich history of our wonderful town, as well as a device to enable children to get involved and contribute in their own way too. Full proposal


I like the connection to nature. Think this seems the most child friendly proposal.

Involves nature, environment and history with core aspect being trees

Local people contributing to their local community

Love this idea. Love the way the tree connects both buildings. Love the extended meaning to link to the community and stories to the branches. Lovely x

I think it’s fair to say both these proposals are early ideas and not the final designs.They are to give an idea and a feel of what is possible. The Milk St Mural gang proposal will certainly involve a vibrant colour scheme , the tree sketch is an outline concept sketch not the final draft.

Not a massive fan of either but the milk st gang has potential. Where is the vibrancy though why white background? I'd like to see a great colour pallet a little bolder maybe using just 4/5 colours. Make the wall stand out. Trees are vibrant make the mural impactful and full of life like the community.

Thank you for the comment Helen, you’ve made a v good point and so thought best respond for clarity. The visual is an initial concept - a proposed colour palette is sitting on the top right of the image to give an idea: bright, bold, earthy contrasting colours. The chosen colours will run all the way from a ‘colour-blocked’ background depicting our local horizon (eg cley hill, outline of buildings), through to a vibrant foreground: tree, insects, story plaques. Hope this helps visualise!

😊Love the tree design. Much more inspiring, reflects community, roots and the need to reconnect with nature.

Love the tree idea. Can't go wrong with the symbol of life. And the planned stories create a link to the local people.

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