Trinity Mural Project - Inkblot Proposal

Trinity Mural Project - Inkblot Proposal

This mural proposal will deliver a large piece of artwork as well as community events and consultations. I have the expertise to do this and have a cohesive style. Although I’m a single artist I am part of the Bristol Mural Collective of Artists and have access to the expertise of many large-scale muralists. Full proposal


Love the 2nd proposal with the kids

Horrible composition of two white kids looking bored. I know the demographic of Frome is majority white but it's changing. Where is the diversity and colour. Kids at vallis don't need to look at more white kids, open their eyes to something inspiring, diverse and colourful. I love kids but I don't need to see photo realism of two on the wall

Love the depth and realism. Would be breathtaking to have something so lifelike at this scale. Though It would be good if the images could be more meaningful.

I agree with the point below. Think it is a great opportunity to bring something more diverse and inclusive to predominantly white Frome.

There is something a little creepy about these images. Also our skies are grey a lot of the year, we need colour whenever we can!

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