Economy for the People

Economy for the People

One may say that our Economy is doing well but its success is not being felt by everyone, especially those in need. Furthermore, the current administration has failed to ensure that new areas that can fuel economic growth are nurtured. The people has to be the central focal point for a new Malta.


Remove taxation on transfer of family business

Total tax exemption to innovative businesses up to €40,000

Create 30,000 high quality jobs in the private sector

Introduce in the Constitution a balanced budget obligation

Strengthen guarantees from Malta Development Bank

Reduce Tax on re-invested profits to 15%

Reduce income tax bands for workers up to €20,000

Reduce Income tax to Self-Employed and SMEs to 10%

Malta as a leader in E-Government Services

Establish a Business Angel Fund

Promote Investment in Ultra High Speed Internet

Consolidate and revisit current economic sectors

Review fine system by Inland Revenue Department

Reduce income tax on part-time to 10%

Internet of Things

Attract Venture Capital

Rebuild Malta's reputation

Consolidate Malta's Financial Services Industry

Remove anti-social excise duties

Malta as a Maritime Nation

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