A Bill of Wrongs

A Bill of Wrongs

At Byline Festival 2018 Birgitta Jonsdottir & Jamie Kelsey Fry facilitated PeoplesĀ“ Assemblies to crowdsource the first step towards a written UK constitution - the "Bill of Wrongs". Tell us your ideas for a better UK, give points for and against others. What kind of UK do you want to see?


Systems Thinking for all areas of development & services

Fight for Life

Bigger's NOT better...

Get rid of the Tory's austerity policies


Link MPs pay to the average UK wage.

Abolish MPs second property system

Raise the profile of social workers in the public sector

Redistribution of wealth

Universal Basic Income

Make jobsharing easier as it uses less energy

Demand a health and safety report on 5G

Universal free healthcare: equal to all

Climate justice

Affordable housing

The importance of holistic lifelong learning

Financial inequality: end the pay gap

A UK wide One Planet Living Development Policy

John Cleese's idea: Be open to other ideas

Move beyond neoliberalism, the monster of our time

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