Your Ideas

Your Ideas

Electronic Democracy is all about Empowerment, about giving you a voice. All citizens can propose their own ideas and open them up for discussion. We want your voice to be heard. This is how we truly make politics by the people and for the people.


Esto es una idea de prueba

Internet Service for homeusers in all localities

Tinda f'Teatru Rjal

Cultural Sustainability and Tourism

Saving History and Club Culture


Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

deletanti sajjieda

Extend opening hours of museums and archaeological sites

Institute for Conservation

Maltese Festa Festival

aktar sigar

Marsa power station: Contemporary art museum

Overhaul the public transport system

Road water harvesting

Reduction of working hours

24/7 Pharmacies

Ġbir ta' firem

Żjarat fil-każini u d-djar.

Net TV ando 101 radio

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